Complete Campsite – “Cassie”

The Complete Campsite! Not just any old camper trailer but one tough well thought out camper. It’s got all the features we know and love and they’re delivered in a way that’s just simple and practical to use. Slide out full stainless steel kitchen with 3 burner smev gas stove and stainless steel Smev sink. Nifty set of sturdy stairs that lead up into a small walkway in front of the end that takes the work of crawling into bed and not having to crawl over each other. Very roomy tent area, perfect for stretcher beds, dining space and lounge/seating area. 

Setting up this Camper is Simple

Setting up the Jayco Swan Outback is as very easy and can be completed in around 20-30 Minutes (sometimes less) once you reach your destination. If you are new to camping and camper trailers, don’t be discouraged about the setup process. 

Simply watch this video and you’ll be ready to go in no time! –